How does it work?

How do I get Personified?

First, set up an appointment with us.  We will then capture your image.  After we have a completed scan, our artists will create a digital 3D sculpture.  Once this is finished, we will email you a link to the completed sculpture for review.  Once approved, the sculpture will be brought to life by state of the art 3D printers.  Finally, we deliver the finished sculpture to you.   

1. set your appointment

Contact us at (470) 227-1002 or email us at to reserve your appointment.  Most appointments take around 30 minutes.  If you can't come to us, we can come to you for an additional fee.

2. image capture

During your session, we will capture your image in 3D with one of our handheld scanning devices.  This process typically takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes.  You will be required to stand still for periods of one to three minutes, so choose a pose that you can hold comfortably for short periods of time.  Please see our guidelines for more information about your session.

3. Review

After your image capture is complete, you will have a chance to see a rough draft of the scan.  You may choose to do another scan at this point if you are unhappy with the initial results.  

Once you are satisfied with the rough draft, our artists will begin working to bring your image to life.  Your model will be sculpted for optimum realism and accuracy.  We will then email you a link to the final model once it is finished for your approval.  

4. Personify

Your model will now become a lifelike sculpture through the process of 3D printing.  Your digital file is uploaded to a full color 3D printer.  The printer builds the model up, layer by layer, in a bed of gypsum powder while adding in color at the same time.  Once finished, the sculpture is sealed to solidify the structure and to add strength.